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What is Yoga?

Thoughts About Yoga by Tony Urbano

What is yoga? People have asked me what is yoga. Is it an exercise class, or like Pilates? Don’t you sit there and zone out? Is it a cult or religion? Are yoga practitioners all vegetarians?

What is yoga? When asked that question I have never felt I could answer properly or in a way not to short such a limitless subject. I have been holding that question inside me for 12 years as yoga continued to run through me like dye through water. Now when I am asked I can answer.

I believe that yoga can be something different for everybody, with an end result the same for everyone, “All things good”. We are living things, and within us are millions of cells which require nourishment. Yoga brings balance and growth on every level. That balance reaches the entire self. Consciously we correct our diet and gain respect for our bodies. Continued practice of the postures, relaxation and breathing develop a perfect balance within ourselves. One can physically control one's own body weight in any posture. Yoga will cultivate everything that is good. Practice brings about complete balance. Yoga can complete you so that you can help to complete others. Like a tree and earth, the earth receives the seed, the tree grows and returns other seeds to the earth.

Yoga is everything good, reaching everything we know and compounding positive growth – a complete practice on every level.

Inspired by the teachings and life style of Sri Dharma Mittra


Special thanks to my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra. Thank you Dharma for all that you are. You're the beacon that never stops shining, touching everyone in you path. You are the living example that we can remain pure and innocent. Your constant repetition and positive reinforcement of how life can be enjoyed continues to bring us back to what really matters in this world and beyond. Your kindness and consideration to all living things, your compassion, diet and physical wonder cast your character. You have shown us to look past the moment to get to the next. You are the inventor, with your encouraging humble attitude you continue to spark others to do the same. Thank you for all that you are Dharma, for your selfless life, for the fruits you have given, for all you continue to give and for all that you continue to inspire. Thank you for helping us to develop on every level. You are truly a wonderful person and teacher.

Dharmadeva Om

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